How Much Do LPNs Make?

More and more prospective students are aspiring for a career in healthcare nowadays because of the demand in licensed practical nurses (or LPNs) and registered nurses (or RNs). And although most assume that RNs generally earn a lot, many don’t know how much do LPNs make. Being the occupation working right underneath registered nurses, the job description and facts of a LPN can be largely unknown to those who don’t take the time to find out. So, just how much do LPNs make? Let’s figure that out today!

How Much Do LPNs Make?

Prospective students, at one point or another, will most likely ask: how much do LPNs make? And to be frank, there is no one answer for that question, as a lot of factors have to be considered before you can determine the salary of a LPN. Aspects such as your state, cost of living in your area, industry, employer, certification, and experience should not be overlooked, as these variables can drastically change how much do LPNs make.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, LPNs are paid an average of $20.76 per hour, or $43.170 per annum. LPNs who earn the least earn around $15 per hour, while the best earning LPNs can make around $28 an hour.

Something to note as well is that a large portion of LPNs go on to pursue the career of a registered nurse, which as you can imagine, is an occupation that makes a good chunk more. But either way, becoming a nurse (LPN or RN) is a very good career in terms of how much you can make, job availability, job stability, and of course, the satisfaction of being able to help others in need.

How Much Do LPNs Make in Different States?

Perhaps it would be wise to ask another rather more important question – how much do LPN make by state? Salary of LPNs vary by state depending on the total cost of living in that particular state, as well as job vacancies or demand for LPNs.

So, which states should LPNs relocate to if they want the best earning potential possible for their profession? According to Nursing Links, LPNs make the most money in Connecticut, where they are paid an average of $24.39 per hour. This salary can be quite high as the second leading state — Massachusetts — pays an average of $22.72 per hour.

Coming in third is the state of New Jersey. LPNs in NJ earn $22.50 per hour, while Maryland and the District of Columbia pay LPNs an hourly rate of $21.89 and $21.85 respectively.

On the top ten of the list with the biggest demand for LPNs are Rhode Island, Delaware, California, Alaska, and Nevada.

Now, on to the states that pay the least salary for practical nurses. North Dakota pays $15.41 per hour, while Missouri pays $15.38 per hour. Louisiana’s hourly rate for LPNs is $15.14, while Montana’s is $14.85 and Arkansas’s hourly rate rests at $14.72. Oklahoma LPNs earn around $14.49 per hour. South Dakota employers pay LPNs $14.37, while those in Alabama have an hourly rate of $14.34. LPNs earn the least possible money in Mississippi and West Virginia, where LPNs are paid $14.15 per hour.

Upon reviewing the salary potential of LPNs, other factors should also be considered such as how much does acquiring an LPN education in various states cost? How big are the opportunities in each state – are there opportunities to work in good companies, or opportunities to acquire further education to become a RN? These are the questions that must be answered before choosing to relocate in a state to pursue a career as a LPN.

how much do lpns make by state