LPN Resume: How-to, Tricks & Tips

Before we talk about how to write a LPN resume, let’s have a quick overview of the occupation. Being a LPN or licensed practical nurse is among the most in-demand jobs right now. According to BLS, employment rates for LPNs are expected to grow by 16% in the next decade. This is mainly due to the growing need to take care of the aging generation.

Median pay for LPNs averages at $20.76 per hour – twice the amount of the average minimum wage of $10.10 across the US. LPNs typically earn $43,170 per year working full time. Although the pay is highly dependent on where a LPN chooses work, the field is highly lucrative and rapidly growing.

While the demand for LPNs is steadily increasing, the growth of the occupation results in fierce competition between LPN professionals. In order to find the right job for you, it is important to create a LPN resume that would stand out and impress potential employers.

So what does it take to craft a LPN resume that is hard to ignore? Below are a few essential tips and tricks that would make writing a LPN resume less stressful.

How to Write a LPN Resume


Your resume is essentially a representation of your skills and achievements on paper. In order to fully demonstrate why you should be hired, a LPN resume should include the following components:

  • Contact Details — This component of a LPN resume is probably the easiest and less stressful. Be that as it may, applicants often forget to include necessary contact details on their resume. A LPN resume should have the applicant’s name, contact number, home address and email address. In terms of the contact number, it is best to include a home and mobile number. Social media accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn may be included, however, these accounts should be scrubbed of any information, pictures or updates that might dissuade a medical institution from considering the candidate.
  • Application Objective — The resume objective is often a hotly debated topic when drafting up a resume. Some professionals consider this component unnecessary. However, in crafting a succinct objective, employers get a glimpse of what kind of person a candidate is and what they are looking for in a LPN career. It is best to craft the objective specifically for the institution an applicant is planning to send the resume to. It is advised to keep the objective short – about two to three brief sentences.
  • Educational Background — LPNs handle tasks that may affect a patient’s overall well-being. As such, a great LPN resume should highlight ample educational background and training in order to be considered for the role. This section is often written with the most recent educational experience first. It is important to indicate the specific school attended, the degree title and the duration of training. The inclusion of the GPA or the grade point average is dependent on whether or not the number is high enough to impress the medical institution.
  • Professional Background — Otherwise known as work history, the professional background section of a LPN resume should contain relevant professional experience which should include the specific name of the company worked for, positions held, employment date and a brief background of the duties and responsibilities under each position. Any volunteering done in hospitals or healthcare settings should be highlighted.

Some past job experiences might not be related to nursing at all. In these cases, it is best to highlight character building experiences that could possibly be helpful in the field of nursing.

Writing a LPN Resume - Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for an Impressive LPN Resume

While it is important to provide necessary and relevant details in a LPN resume, there are several ways to make sure that an application stands out. Below are just a few tips and tricks that would make a LPN resume the lone pigeon in a hen house.

Tips & Tricks

  • It is easy to say that the number one pet peeve for hiring professionals when it comes to resumes is grammatical errors. Making sure that there are no typos and all sentences are grammatically sound are key ways to create a resume that stands out. It is best to have a friend or acquaintance read through the resume before handing it out to potential employers.
  • A concise and easy to read LPN resume is a surefire way to draw the attention of any hiring professional. Formatting is key. All information should be up to date and important details should be highlighted. The choice of font should remain professional and its size should be readable.  In general, the LPN resume should not exceed one page.
  • It is possible to use materials, fonts and colors that would help make an applicant’s LPN resume stand out. However, it is important to assess the type of medical institution before sending out a resume that is printed on purple paper with green ink.
  • Avoid giving too much personal information. In crafting a credible LPN resume, it is ideal to stick to the facts. Moreover, it would be best to avoid exaggerating accomplishments. Being truthful on any resume is always the way to go.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sending an LPN Resume Online

Considering how much technology has advanced in the last few years, many institutions conduct their hiring initiatives online. It is convenient and applications can be sent and reviewed anywhere and anytime. It is also cost-efficient as an applicant doesn’t need to travel to the company nor does he or she need to invest in printing copies of his or her LPN resume.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks in applying and sending LPN resumes online. For one, it requires the Internet. Most people are equipped with computers and mobile gadgets with Internet access. However, Internet connection can sometimes be unreliable. This might result in a missed career opportunity. Medical institutions surely get a lot of emails from patients and applicants alike. An applicant’s LPN resume is likely to get lost in the shuffle of everyday tasks. Also to note is that many resumes sent online are checked by machine now for certain keywords. By handing in your resume in person, you stand a better chance of having your resume reviewed and not skipped over.